Pre-loss echos and hope

by FieryTree on August 18, 2012 · 0 comments

The rainy town I love.


I spent this wonderful rainy day, in a beautiful cocoon of my favorite art gallery. There were moments where I felt so overjoyed to be there, surrounded by such interesting pieces of art. I love this time volunteering. At some point, sadness snuck in though. Perhaps it’s source was fear, as I thought of moving and leaving everything familiar behind. Or maybe it was my inner-consumer, depressed to not be able to fill my walls with more art. [Now, I am on a  purchasing embargo, as I try to declutter my life (and there was even a  20% off sale! GAH!).] Regardless, my glee dipped but a new opportunity did arise.

I have in my possession a box to decorate for an upcoming gallery opening. The item will be sold to benefit a charity that feeds local children. Other artists will be doing the same and some of the boxes submitted, to date, were inspiring! I am excited to do art for a worthy cause (deadline in two weeks!).

I also was able to view and participate in an act of kindness to help an injured seabird. The poor bird was covered in ants and my two friends worked to remove the ants (with water), my small role being to refill the water bucket. I was proud to know these two and especially the additional effort made by one to then drive the bird to a sanctuary, in another city, to get it proper care. These tiny acts of kindness are truly wonderful.

Next up for me, a day at the zoo with my Littles!

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