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by FieryTree on September 6, 2013 · 6 comments

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Fridge shopping in Thailand!

Sure, there are many visitors to Thailand, but how many get the pleasure of buying a small refrigerator here? Being the jet-setters we are, we recently added this experience to our time in Thailand.

“But you are renting an apartment and will only be there for a few months,” you might say, and you’d be correct. This is why we had been *renting* use of the fridge (for about $17 a month), to avoid buying one. But, through a little snafu, we were tasked with replacing our lovely pastel purple fridge, decorated with a large ‘Heineken’ sticker. The colorful sticker which went nicely with the bottle opener screwed to the wall, that came with the apartment (and has officially been used once!).

Pastel purple pain, why you no worky?

Pastel purple pain, why you no worky?

The older fridge was working nicely until it seemed the door wouldn’t quite close one day and we noticed that there was a thick sheet of ice in the freezer section. The decision was made to defrost this and well…we’ll summarize it with “it didn’t go too well.” In the end, the freon had escaped through a new hole and management was brought in, who confirmed we should buy a new fridge. Fun!!! Luckily, these small apartment refrigerators are about $200. That is still a sizable amount of money over here and we pay about $60 more for our monthly rent (which doesn’t include power, water, or fridge rental). They said it would cost just as much to have it repaired, the option we’d been hoping for. Being restricted by speaking little to no Thai, we couldn’t really call around to service centers and confirm this. So we set off on this new adventure and I was not looking forward to it.

My fear was it was going to be a pain in the butt as most “large” purchases in the States are and getting it delivered would surely be a nightmare. James did a little prep work on which fridge model to purchase and price. He found the model at a local “nice” store (similar to a Lowe’s) but the Big C (similar to a Wal-mart) was right next door and there we found the correct model for about $12 cheaper! We were left to decide on color but he had already showed me that they had it in orange(!) so it was a no-brainer. It also happened to be the floor model, so we pointed and were immediately taken to the register. Here I was concerned about standard talks of warranty (we have to give it to the apartment complex so forget the warranty!) but there was none. We paid in cash in about 30 seconds and were lead to a table to get our address for our FREE delivery. (Hooray!) I left James to talk with the guy about directions and wandered off to buy a spatula (still unused, frankly just remembered it), returning to them still in discussion, the man drawing a picture to map where our apartment is.

My beautiful fridge and bag of bags.

My beautiful fridge and bag of bags.

Delivery was full for the following day but by the next, the fridge was delivered and apparently unpacked in the hallway. James said the security guard had to do a double-take on our beautiful orange fridge and even exclaimed ‘oh’. I hope management loves orange as much as me! For some reason, they also left the original broken fridge in the room. Friends can confirm I once had a broken dryer in my kitchen for months (which held snacks), so I was thinking it could be used for additional shelving. It rather stinks though, going to have to get James to clean it. (hehe) For now, it is my still life table, so thanks management!

Purple pain repurposed for still life, who doesn't love pictures of bottles?

Purple pain repurposed for still life, who doesn’t love pictures of bottles?

The new one is working great and blending in nicely with the rest of my orange decorations. The experience was also much more upbeat than the movie (My Sweet Orange Tree). Hooray for fridge purchases in Thailand! Hopefully it will be the last one!

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1 Maggie Megalynn September 7, 2013 at 12:51 am

Thank you so much for taking me on that sweet little adventure!
An orange fridge? You are committed, girlfriend!!!
I am so proud of you and James and thrilled that you are being surrounded and infused with such magnificent sights and sounds and experiences.
love & hugs,


2 FieryTree September 18, 2013 at 12:38 am

LOL, I love my orange fridge.
It continually makes me happy to see the monks in their orange robes too, I am completely in the right place!
Miss you!!


3 Pam Mirabal September 7, 2013 at 1:00 am

I love the orange and purple frig. Wish we could get those colors here in the states. How much longer are you guys going to be living there? Sounds like you both are loving it and may stay longer? Tom and I are still in NM and plan on heading home to FL. in October. We both miss you. Love ya, Pam


4 FieryTree September 18, 2013 at 12:40 am

Our six months being here will happen in a few days; our goal was at least a year over here so we are debating our next adventures for the rest of the time “overseas”. We are loving it here indeed.
I miss you both too, missing my loved ones is the only challenge being over here. 🙂


5 Pam Mirabal September 19, 2013 at 1:02 am

Glad to hear from you. Yes, missing our loved ones is a hard one for me in Taos, even though I am just a cross the country. How are you doing with the Living Arts? I think you commited for the full 7 years? I am doing the Living Arts but only doing it for 7 months. Each Chakra one month. I bought a great work book “The 7 Healing Chakras Workbook” by Brenda Davies, M.D.. It is a great way to unfold and learn about each chakra. Then I have been keeping a note book where I draw and write down notes. I am on the Throat Chakra this month. I can not wait for you to return so we can get together. You and James enjoy your time there and thank you for sharing all your great adventures with all of us. Sending you many blessings, Pam


6 FieryTree September 23, 2013 at 11:23 pm

Can’t wait to meet up Pam!
Yes, I committed to the whole seven years. I haven’t been studying as much on the chakras as I probably should. I’ll see if I can’t get a hold of the book you mentioned. If nothing else, I have all of the Internet at my finger tips! I am definitely enjoying this orange creative year though, trying to focus on making the most of it!
Lots of love to you and Tom!


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