My reason to wake up on Friday mornings

by FieryTree on March 27, 2015 · 8 comments

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I am typically a night owl so to wake up at a reasonable hour most mornings causes a lot of grumbling and typically an obligation to fulfill (like Thai Language Classes). Fridays are the exception because we’ve created a fantastic routine that revolves around yummy food (priorities!).


It begins at the Kad Chin Haw, a smaller market that is still bursting with tons of fresh vegetables and fruits, many that I cannot name. The market is busy but doesn’t have a rushed-pace about it. It’s definitely a Chiang Mai market, not too flashy but full of comfort, hosting a lot of Burmese and Chinese dishes to be tried from sticky rice pancakes to donuts, fried onions, samosas…and Tohu nuway.


Tohu nuway, so good I “crave it fortnightly”.

My Fridays revolve around Tohu nuway, an ugly-duckling kind of soup from China and Burma, for it looks like snot, frankly. Our friends, Got Passport Family, introduced us to this soup and on that fateful day, my first thought was ‘oh no’ but not wishing to be rude, I tried it. It didn’t grab me as something amazing but also wasn’t horrible so I kept eating.

The soup is a mix of dahl (similar to lentils) and tofu [depending on reports] boiled with a bit of magic to create a thick paste that as our friends accurately described as ‘so comforting’. The kicker came when they provided the condiment of spicy pickled vegetables. Somehow the combination of the mild tasting soup and the crunch of those pickled vegetables has me setting my alarm each Friday morning to make it to the market.


Samosas, so cheap, so yummy.

For James, he is partial to the aforementioned samosas. Sold out of a cart on wheels, they are the reason he’ll drives us to the market every week. At 7 baht a piece (22 cents), they are a steal and very yummy, causing large quantities to be purchased on our weekly visit. (And even more amazing with the provided dipping sauce!)


Milk tea, painfully hot when served but so worth it for that initial sip.

To follow the tradition of the Got Passport Family, some mornings we head to a local tea shop for their milk tea and to eat said samosas. That roti is also served there adds to the greatness of the tiny shop.


Blueberry ripple ice cream, packing so much flavor into a single scoop.

And since I am my father’s daughter, the day would not be complete without a bit of ice cream. Newer to our Friday tradition is a bakery that makes the best homemade ice cream in Chiang Mai which another wonderful blogger at “A Skinny Escape” introduced us. That the owner is also kind and wonderfully funny as she scurries around the shop solidified our need to visit weekly. Leaving today I told James we have to stop making friends with bakers but I’ve recently taken up jogging so I’m sure it all will even out.

This tradition makes me love Chiang Mai just a bit more so that as we were driving around today the little voice inside my head kept screaming “I love Chiang Mai!”

Images from the market 


Veggies galore!



How do they grow the vegetables so big?!


Friendly faces.


Fresh meat anyone?


Another raw meat stand.


Burmese dish

Looky there, my favorite soup again.


The dahl can also be formed into blocks and eaten as a salad or big noodles.


Sticky rice pancakes. Smeared with molasses. An acquired taste but worth attempting.


Samosas and sticky rice donuts.


Samosas in the fryer.


Mystery pancakes made of maybe lentils, maybe corn. Another acquired taste that I keep working at.


Shoes a plenty!





How’d that picture slip in?


Our friendly tohu nuway server, he seemed very amused to see us enjoying the soup.


Picture from the tea shop.


Bake Buff, the best ice cream in Chiang Mai.


I go for the ice cream but yummy pastries also find their way to our table frequently.

Visitor tips –

  • Kad Chin Haw Market is across from the Chiang Mai Islam Mosque, near the Night Bazaar. Click on the link for the google map.
  • Bake Buff – link pending, or just contact me and I’ll take you! She’s closed on weekends unfortunately though!

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1 Christina March 28, 2015 at 4:48 am

I love your Friday routine! Mine is also on Friday and is breakfast with friends at a restaurant. I dislike eating breakfast food so often I will order a hamburger or other type of sandwich at 7:00 a.m!
Your soup looks interesting and the description really fits its looks. I m glad it is good!
Keep eating that ice cream for Dad.
Love your blog and pictures as always.


2 FieryTree March 28, 2015 at 6:47 pm

You would fit in here, I haven’t found that they do specific breakfast foods, although it is hard to find khao soi (my other favorite soup) in the evenings. Soup for breakfast is definitely a thing though!
Definitely thought of dad and the ice cream. Tell him it is better that Publix Premium! 😀


3 Helen March 28, 2015 at 10:17 am

Oh boy… now that I’ve seen the photos, I have to come with you this Friday (which will also be my last Friday)!! I’ll wear spandex pants and bring tupperware. 😉


4 FieryTree March 28, 2015 at 6:49 pm

Great!! The soup is definitely worth trying and there are other variations, we could get a variety! 🙂
I’m sad to report that ‘Bake Buff’ will not be open this Friday though, so it may just be market and tea…then we’ll have to find another dessert place. 😀


5 Shannon March 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Yum! That was a favorite ritual of mine and Ana’s as well — we always made it there for the soup. And though the tohu stands for tofu, it’s not soy tofu, it’s actually chickpea flour or yellow split depending. That’s what gives it the bright yellow color. I am so jealous you get to make that a Friday ritual, but am so glad you guys are still loving it. 🙂


6 FieryTree March 28, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I saw that you liked that soup! When our friends were trying to figure out the soup they found your post! Glad we are following in your footsteps once again!
Thanks for the clarification on the tofus versus chickpea too. I tried to research the soup but found conflicting information.
We are definitely still loving it here. Not sure James will ever leave.


7 melanie carlin March 28, 2015 at 8:27 pm

That soup would definitely have a hold on me! Another wonderful walk across the world ~ Namaste


8 FieryTree April 4, 2015 at 11:42 am

It is definitely yummy! Who would have thought pickled vegetables in a “soup” would be so magical? 🙂
Great to hear from you!


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