Motivated and Terrified

by FieryTree on August 20, 2012 · 0 comments


How quickly these days seem to be going by. Only Monday and I would have thought it later in the week. It was another challenging day at work, in a constant state of stress due to my current projects. I keep turning my attentions to my move though, as some beacon of better days to come.

Tonight provided a bit of further encouragement (and fear) too. I had dinner with a friend who has lived extended periods of time in Thailand. We talked of various logistics in being there: lodging, work, phones, etc, which sounded easy enough. Talks of  border runs and visas sounded terrifying though. I know that is a bit dramatic but I find it important to record it so in seven months time, with a border run complete, I can confirm there was nothing to fear. So with that plan, I will put away that worry.

Anyone know a good realtor?

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