Loving Home

by FieryTree on August 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Sailing around the bay.


Surprised we are in the 60s, seems sudden, thankfully there is still a 1 in front.

No preparations yet for the move, but do have a hurricane coming which puts a nice perspective on what is actually important to me. It would truly suck [technical term] if my home was demolished with the hurricane but so long as my loved one, myself, and neighbors weren’t harmed, I would probably be ok with it. That makes it easier to think about getting rid of all of my belongings for the move.

I’ve had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish here, before the move, but am currently just focusing on the truly important stuff like spending time, with my nearest and dearest.

To that end, the weekend has included seeing my best friend and her partner at our local Teppanyaki restaurant, where “big fire” was made. A true joy to see and feel.

Saturday, sailed around Boca Ceiga Bay, off of St. Pete Beach, with a crew of three and six other newbies. It was a short adventure of about two hour but enjoyed taking turns at the helm, tacking and playing frogger with other boats. Saturday culmintated with seeing my brother who lives in another state and enjoying an hour wait at Nitally’s. The owner soothed our angst with drinks and promises of “five minutes”. An hour later we did enjoy a truly delicious meal though.

And now Sunday, brunch with family and a planned dinner ahead.

Loving my city with the heavy grey skies full of rain, but nice to be home and closed to loved ones.

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