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Edit: This article originally appeared on my first website which I’ve since closed.


In honor of February and luv, the raffle will be five handmade Valentine Day cards (or Valentimes Day cards as my boyfriend will say I pronounce it.)

You may enter the *free* raffle in one of two ways –

1) Twitter usersTweet the name of a non-profit/positive-change organization you’d love (or think you’d love) to volunteer at. Use the following format with the tag and url, so I can find your post:  “I’d love to volunteer at [name of agency]! #FGTfree″

2) Facebook user Post on the name of the non-profit/positive-change organization you’d love (or think you’d love) to volunteer at, in the following format: “I’d love to volunteer at [name of agency]! #FGTfree”

You may enter 1 time per day over the next week, either method. Raffle ends 1/30/11 11:59pm PST. I will post the winner on this website, 1/31/11, and contact them directly.

Get the word out! Get the love out!

Can’t wait and want to make these cards yourself? Steps below!

How to Make the Valentine Day Card

Supplies needed:

  • Scrapbook paper of desired theme
  • Card stock of complimentary color
  • 24 gauge wire in complimentary color
  • White/blank cards
  • Double-sided tape (it’s of the gods)
  • Straight blade
  • Round tip pliers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cutting surface

Steps –

1. Measure dimensions of your white card.

2. Cut card stock to be, on each side, at least a half inch smaller than your white card (to leave a border around the edge).

3. Cut your scrapbook paper to be at least another half inch, on each side, smaller than the card stock paper.

4. For the same scrapbook paper, cut a one inch incision 1 &1/4 inch from the top and another 1/8th inch lower than the first cut. From the bottom, cut another one inch cut 1 inch from the bottom and then another cut 1/8th inch higher than the previous bottom cut.

5. Cut about 12 inches of wire and work the wire into the shape of a heart.
Tip: In the center of the heart, leave extra wire and twist it.

6. Weave the center of the heart in between the paper slits at the top.

7. Take the tail and weave both ends through the bottom. Twist the ends together.

8. With your pliers, make the ends into spirals.

9. Tape the scrapbook sheet, with 3/4 inch strips, in each corner. Put tape in the middle of each side too.
Note: The wire causes the paper to bulge so extra tape may be necessary. Another solution I found is cutting out the center of the card stock sheet (so the heart has a little room to lay in.)

10. Position the scrapbook sheet centered on the card stock sheet. Press down all corners and centers so the design lays flat.

11. Tape your card stock in the corners and the side, as you did with the scrapbook sheet.

12. Position the card stock, centered, on your blank card. Press down all corners and centers so the design lays flat.

13. Admire your beautiful work!

Card idea inspired by Mary Jo McGaaw’s Creative Rubber Stamping Techniques.

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