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by FieryTree on July 30, 2014 · 5 comments

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In less than a week my mom will be visiting and I will be back to my “second home” Bangkok!

I fear that lately I’ve not been terribly motivated to write about our mini adventures. We are settled in to Chiang Mai after being here a month and perhaps it feels a bit too much like home.

If you asked what there was to do in Chiang Mai, I’d probably only come up with a list of temples to see, whereas I have a long laundry list for Bangkok. I could mistakenly call Chiang Mai boring but I am constantly delighted by each new turn in the road. I love the cows that walk down our street, the gorgeous mountains with low hanging clouds and all of the lush green vegetation from all of the fantastic rains…but there are few “big-ticket items” to discuss.

This is making me have a flare-up of wanderlust too for we have agreed to be here at least through December and THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER PLACES TO SEE!!! It seems that traveling to one country is like a gateway drug making me want to go to ALL of them. Surprisingly, watching travel shows does not help this. (Portugal and Morocco are currently at the top of my list thanks to Anthony Bourdain.)

I know our time here is not infinite though so I am trying to focus on the now and paying closer attention to my surrounding as we explore. We’ve stumbled across temples in states of disrepair, active quarries (no swimming there!), organic farms and together collapsed a bamboo bridge.

While each new place is not as exciting as playing a game with gravity, it has certainly been delightful to just open my eyes to all the beauty around me.

Slowly we are building friendship too and this is helping to root me. While we miss our Bangkok “Chicken lady” and Penang Shawarma guys, we are slowly growing a base of people who recognize our faces (and know our orders).

So while next week will put me back in the hustle of Bangkok, I’ll take the time to smell the frangipanis that decorate our sidewalk, spend quality time with our fish in our backyard and try to figure out what animal is making that weird monkey noise.  I know soon I will be somewhere else, daydreaming about getting back to Chiang Mai.

Various photos from the past couple of weeks –

CMhome1_cow CMhome2_cow CMhome3_cow CMhome5_fish CMhome5_lillypad CMhome6_lillypad CMhome7_WatSuanDok CMhome8_WatSuanDok CMhome9_WatChediLuang CMhome10_templedog CMhome10_WatPanTao1 CMhome11_WatChediLuang CMhome12_WatUmong CMhome13_WatUmong CMhome14_WatUmong CMhome14_WatUmongBuddha CMhome14_WatUmongWheel CMhome15_wat CMhome16_wat CMhome17_wat CMhome18_view CMhome19_sunset CMhome23_quarry CMhome24_roadtrip CMhome25_field CMhome26_field CMhome27_gate CMhome28_lillies CMhome29_flower CMhome30_flower CMhome31_dock CMhome32_bananaflower CMhome33_dock
CMhome34_dock CMhome35_dock CMhome35_market CMhome36_market CMhome37_market CMhome37_ThaiDance


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1 Louise July 31, 2014 at 12:53 am

Great animal photos. Guppies in the wild! That gorgeous rooster. The smiling dog. I would love to see cows just walking down the street.


2 FieryTree July 31, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Thanks Louise! Great to hear from you! We are definitely loving all the animals too.
The fish are in our backyard so we have many conversations with them. 😀


3 Melanie Carlin August 1, 2014 at 3:48 am

I have encountered mobility problems lately. Your travels are evermore important to me now. Namaste


4 FieryTree August 28, 2014 at 7:47 pm

Hi Melanie, sorry to hear about your mobility issues!
Thank you for taking the time to connect with me! (So sorry for the delay.)


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