Beautiful Flowers: Pak Klong Talat

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To entice my mom to FINALLY (ha!) come visit, is a post about the Bangkok Flower Market: Pak Klong Talat.

The word that could best be used to describe it, is INCREDIBLE. I’ve been three times and each time, I’ve seen flowers I didn’t see last time AND have never seen before, EVER. Sure, I’m in a different country but the selection of flowers is AMAZING. The prices are equally unreal, as this is a whole sale market. You can purchase a bundle of roses for under two dollars (50bath). I went most recently with a friend and she had to specifically confirm the price, as it was so unbelievable, but no hidden fees! For 50 baht, the bunch was yours!



The first visit, James and I stumbled upon the market and wandered down the less impressive side of the street, seeing only a small variety. However, as we left the main market area, we rounded a corner and saw men unloading 1000s upon 1000s of roses, all neatly bundled, throwing them from the truck, to stack on a dolly. It was a shock to see so many roses and breath in the sweetly scented air. Our next trip showed where all the roses were going to and what the market truly offered.

Various orchids.

Various orchids.

That trip showed us so many orchids, of all different colors and varieties, so beautiful, and again cheap! It was tempting to purchase tons of flowers. I resisted, knowing I had no container to store them and it is sad to watch them die anyways. A friend works with various people-empowerment projects and I encouraged her to get a group to sell single flowers to tourists. I bet they could make a bundle. There are shops that do sell arrangements and while beautiful, also large. I would have liked to enjoy a single one. But which one to pick when your options are endless?

Neat flowers that looked like a mix of a lotus and a rose.

Neat flowers that looked like a mix of a lotus and a rose.

Of the unfamiliar flowers to me, we saw those above that I could only describe as a mix of a lotus and rose: lotus texture, rose shape, unique beauty all its own. Often times, I would try to quickly touch the flower and confirm they were not plastic, the colors and shapes so unusual to be true, but they were.

Crowded market aisle decorated with garlands.

Narrow market aisle decorated with garlands.

After awhile your nose becomes accustomed to the scented air until you reach the vendors making the garlands of jasmine. They are used as religious offerings and they smell equally divine. There are sections dedicated to marigolds too, another flower used for offerings or other religious duties and said to represent good luck. Garland hang skillfully threaded, awaiting use.

Busy street in Flower Market.

Flower Market road.

I’ve read the market is busiest in the wee hours, it is open 24 hours. I’ve only seen it in the afternoon when it was quieter and easy to wander down the narrow aisles taking in all of the gorgeous sites. This is definitely a place not to be missed. The market is located in the Old City, on Chak Phet Road near Saphan Phut or the Memorial Bridge. Follow your nose! Ready to visit mom?

What is your favorite flower?

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1 Tina July 30, 2013 at 8:02 pm

Oh I am coming! Just working out details with your siblings! I will be in heaven! FYI my top three flowers in no order are daisies, calla lilies and dad ‘s home grown Bird of Paradise.x


2 Tina July 30, 2013 at 8:05 pm

Really Maria? No container ? I will send you a collapsible vase! Everyone needs flowers in their house.


3 Karen August 1, 2013 at 1:01 am


I loved all the flowers, especially the orchids and lotus blooms. What a heavenly wonder to be surrounded by nature’s bounty in beautiful bloom!!! The weather there must be perfect to grow such beautiful flowers.


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