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So far, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my weekend…and wasting a bit of time. This was also reflected in my week.

There is much to do for the move and yet the week found me watching TV again (“Monster Man”). I am the queen of procrastination. I did go on 2 walks, and sorted some items,  but didn’t have much movement on exercising items from the house.

The weekend has been filled with activity though. Friday, I left work and went to the opening for “Put A  Lid On It”, at the Craftsmen Gallery. I’d decorated the box below for the show and was excited to see who might buy it. They were selling them to benefit, in part, Kind Mouse Production, a non-profit with a mission to assist families in transition and their chronically hungry children. I loved the opportunity to assist a charity and the added bonus of my art being in a gallery.

Box for ‘Put A Lid On It’ opening, portion of proceeds to benefit Kind Mouse Production.

As it was, the box was not there. I was bummed. Apparently some had already been sold before we arrived, so hopefully my little box found a comfy home. I ensured a donation for Kind Mouse by purchasing a box to give to a friend and one for another. My mom also signed up to volunteer. The remaining boxes were wonderful to see all the different designs and diversity.

Saturday morning was filled with kayaking in a small bayou. The tide was out so it was incredible to note how little water was required to maintain momentum in our kayaks…although we may have added a few new scraps from the oyster beds. Highlights included finding a purple balloon and seeing a stingray. Had fun trying to compose my feather shot too:

Egret feather

And last, but not least, entered the exciting world of roller debry, being a cheerleader that is. After wasting the afternoon watching an unmentionable movie with sparkly people (oh the shame), we decided to check out the last of the roller derby season and were not disappointed. It was fun to see what control the ladies had with their skates. We witnessed amazing (fast) skating, that also included nice body checks and dramatic falls. Luckily there was only one injury that paused play.

Tampa Roller Derby: Cigar City Mafia vs Black Widows

So far, a great weekend! And tomorrow I’ll be volunteering with my “Little Sister” and taking her to the aquarium!

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